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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to get loaded my car in my presence. Is that possible?
Yes, Great Aastha Relocations value the client and his valuable belongings.

How should I believe we will get satisfactory services at the destination?
Great Aastha Relocations is a well recognized moving company, having branches of its own at key locations and all-weather robust packing and well trained man-power at all its branches. Our main motto is utmost satisfaction to our widely spread clients all over India.

Can you hold the consignment at destination for a week, if so what are the charges?
Yes, we can do this. The visiting officer will address the questions.

In case there is damage to the goods under transit, what kinds of settlement are followed by Great Aastha Relocations?
Great Aastha Relocations adopt all safety measures to avoid any kind of damage to your goods. However, in case of any unpredictable mishap, we ensure our client speedy settlement of their claims from the insurance company.

I am worried about my perishable food items. How Great Aastha Relocations is going to handle and preserve the same?
Great Aastha Relocations advice the clients not to shift fast-perishable and food-items such as Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, Ghee, Pickles etc. as these may spoil your other valuable items.

How to Book moving Service Great Aastha Relocations?
You can book either through the "Online Enquiry" or by calling directly at our Marketing Team +91 - 9320757721 / 7666637887 or mail Us at

How many hours before should we contact for Relocation Booking?
Minimum 1 Day.

How much time taken for a Pre-Moving Visit
Maximum 2-4 Hours.

What should be the basis of insurance coverage?
The monetary value of the goods should be the sole basis of getting a perfect insurance coverage for the same.

What vehicle should be preferred for transportation?
We prefer closed carrier for safety.

How should Relocate my car?
We have specially designed Car Carrier for Car Transportation Service.

How can I track my household goods and car status?
Go to our website and fill the tracking query then you track your goods.